Gift Aid Small Donations SchemeGASDS

GASDS is one of the easiest opportunities in Gift Aid. Simply put, it allows your charity to claim Gift Aid on up to £8,000 of cash donations (notes, coins and contactless) in any one tax year. Of course nothing is ever that simple and there will be certain requirements that must be met. But it does mean that there is an opportunity to get an extra £2000 via a Gift Aid type payment, with a minimum of administration and paperwork.


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GASDS Success Story

Thanks so much for coming in and delivering the training on Gift Aid on 3rd April to our team. It was so useful and I’m thrilled to say thanks to your help and support that despite only having two days to submit the 2016/17 GASDS claim, we did so and we’re already received the 2k top-up from HMRC. We are now preparing the data to make a claim for 17/18 and 18/19, too! Thanks so very much indeed much for your help.


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What's New

GAIN Charity Shop Online

This is our new online tool for Gift Aid small charity shops

Gift Aid Declaration Scanning

Now you can scan your Gift Aid Declarations AND know that we have checked them for compliance and provided you with corrective action when found to be invalid

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