Gift Aid Consultancy


Gift Aid Consultancy: This comprises a full in-depth review (or ‘Health Check’) of all your fundraising activities.


Before the assignment we provide you with a schedule of typical activities which are used for fundraising from individuals. This will include the more obvious ones such as direct donations and committed giving. Other items that will be examined include community fundraising, events, challenges and indeed any other situations where money may be passing from an individual to the charity! 


As well as these opportunities, we will also look at all other areas of fundraising where Gift Aid may be being collected but, because of the special conditions required, compliance can be a bit more complicated. Some examples include


  • Gift Aid on entrance fees to museums and similar organisations
  • Gift Aid on membership fees
  • Donations in foreign currency and from foreign donors
  • Donations where the donor receives something in return for their donation, often known as a ‘benefit’


We then provide you with a detailed report setting out our findings and recommendations which will ensure that your Gift Aid activities are meeting the requirements of hm and, hopefully have identified additional opportunities for increased income.



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Online Training

The next date is 23 May 2023. Click link for booking details.



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